Food Service Sanitizer

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  • Choose from several Sani Station models
  • Simple installation
  • All devices have a slim, sleek design that can be used almost anywhere
Image of Sani Station on table top

EFFective Sanitation on-the-fly

  • Patent-pending system and solution are guaranteed to clean and sanitize without worry
  • Designed for the fast-pace of food prep industry
  • Color coding and intuitive design result in a safe, reliable process 
Image of Sanitizer usage on Sani Station


  • Clearly marked pan and pre-packaged solution gives you the perfect chemical mix every time

The Sani Station is a fast, effective, and approved sanitizing solution for food services. This food service sanitizer brings a cleaner kitchen to your establishment by creating a sanitation and storage system for culinary tools and equipment. Sani Stations are available in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the perfect product for your restaurant. These cutting-edge food service sanitizers come with clear markings and the exact amount of sterilizing solution, which makes mixing the right amount of chemicals for effective sanitation effortless. To help you keep up with the fast-pace of food prep, the Sani Station’s no-rinse design keeps utensils clean, within reach, and ready-to-go. Each Sani Station is color coded and created with an intuitive design to ensure a safe, effective, and dependable sanitizing solution for food services.

Image of Sani Station and sanitizer solution

LESS WATER. Easy Shipping. No Liquid Cleaner.

  • Sani Station has a small footprint and uses less water than other cleaning systems
  • No heavy and large liquid cleaner to store, measure or manage
  • Shipping is lightweight, easy, and fast 
  • Replacement Sani Station sanitizer packages are readily available and easy to store
  • Sani Station Cleaner & Sanitizer is biodegradable

“ As an active restaurant owner, Sani Station is by far the  greatest sanitation enhancement we have put into place! No more having to look away in embarrassment from the guest as you attempt to clean the knife before cutting or,  leaving the line to get a clean knife for a vegetarian guest.   Having the Sani Station system in our restaurants is smart, sanitary, functional, and a real store benefit.”
- Mike, Multi-Unit Franchisee
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